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Rely on us for fence installation service in Amarillo, TX

If you want to avoid dealing with potential intruders, wandering animals and property line disputes, getting a wood fence installation can be a great option. You can turn to Lopez Firewood & Fencing, LLC for your installation in Amarillo, TX. We'll take all the measurements and provide you with a free estimate before you make any final decisions.

Get in touch with us for fence installation service. You can trust that we'll handle the entire process from start to finish.

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Working with a variety of materials

We offer fence installation services for...

  • Chain-link fencing, an affordable, low-maintenance option
  • Wood fencing, adding timeless style to your property
  • Metal fencing, great for securing your property at a low cost

Set up your metal, chain-link or wood fence installation by calling 806-223-8863 today. We'll give you a free estimate ahead of time.